100pcs Disposable Micro Lash Swabs


100Pcs Disposable Micro Lash Swabs are used when applying remover or primer to the lashes. The fine tip of the micro brush allows you to isolate a specific area when using the remover or primer without touching the other lashes.

Different size to apply different needs.

Each micro brush tip is bendable to allow easy access to a particular area.

Disposable, clean, and sanitary, prevent infection.

Perfect for using with gel glue remover or eyelash.

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2.5mm Yellow, 2.5mm Light Blue, 2.5mm Blue, 2.0mm Light Purple, 2.0mm Purple, 2.0mm Pink, 2.0mm Green, 2.0mm Light Green, 1.2mm White, 1.2mm Black


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